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UBitJournal Outlook Adds Missing File Journaling to Outlook 2013 and 2016

UBitJournal Outlook 2016 will run from your startup folder and emulate the file journaling capabilities that Microsoft has removed from Office 2016. UBitJournal will add open Microsoft Office files from local drives and server (including those synchronised locally) to your Outlook journal.

If you have to account for your time working on documents you will love this pragmatic tool:

  • Gant type list of opened documents in Outlook lets you keep track of your work
  • See when a document was opened and how long you worked on it
  • Open journaled documents directly from Outlook
  • See when you received emails (you need to activate this feature in Outlook)

What UBitJournal does for you:

  • UBitJournal checks for open  files every 5 minutes
  • UBitJournal writes Office files to the journal after they have been closed
  • UBitJournal monitores Office files by default
  • UBitJournal can monitor any other file
  • UBitJournal will run with Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

Using UBitJournal

When started UBitJournal will open a window and display the currently open files. To continue running please choose the button "Hide". Clicking on the UBitJournal icon in the system tray will show the application window again.

UBitJournal has to run for more than 15 minutes and you must have held files open for more than 5 minutes and closed them before you can see them in the journal. Just let UBitJournal run for a day or two and you will see the results in Outlook.

Installing UBitJournal

To run setup for UBitJournal please use the following link (it may take a minute to launch after completing setup). UBitJournal switches on the Microsoft system component for listing open files. This change will only take effect after a reboot of your computer. We have checked the setup for viruses. Your scanner will recheck the files during installation:

Prerequisites, uninstall and licencing:

  • UBitJournal requires Outlook to be installed (2007,2010, 2013, 2016)
  • UBitJournal may slow down your computer a bit while checking for open files
  • UBitJournal requires two processors
  • UBitJournal is currently in beta test, it is free for testing and there is no warranty
  • UBitJournal can be uninstalled like any other windows program.
  • The openfiles service will be stopped on uninstall

Please give us feedback and report any bugs by email. You would need it for other file types? Let us know...

Troubleshooting UBitMenu Outlook

Probably you have seen this: 

 So you should be able to open the Journal in Outlook. If you have installed UBitJournal you should see the following symbol In the windows taskbar.

If you see the symbol and it is active with a red dot from time to time the application is active. If not, the openfiles service is not started by our installation routine. The reason is still to be found. Meanwhile you can start it manually:

 Open CMD as Administrator (important, it will not work using a standard user profile)

1. Type “CMD” in the command line
2. Right click on the cmd application that is found
3. Choose “run as Administrator” from the context menu

type:   openfiles.exe /local on