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The best tool for analyzing and monitoring traffic on Trello-boards

UBit Trello Tool is a Microsoft Windows based controlling tool that allows you to analyse and boost your teams Trello activities

UBit Trello Tool has been implemented to increase team efficency and transparency. It allows team members to check their activities and team leaders to fulfill their project management responsabilities. The following information can be easily accessed:

  • user or team activity on any card and any board
  • all activites are listed with a time stamp
  • many changes that are not listed in Trello browser overview
  • adding comments
  • adding and ticking checklist activities
  • adding, changing and ticking deadlines 

Search actions on a board by users in a given time window:

Working with UBit Trello Tool is simple and intuitive:

  • double click on entry to open a card in the browser
  • filter the entries by user, board and action
  • show entries for a given timeslot only
  • English, French and German translations included

UBit Trello Tool is issued as a yearly subscription (SaaS-license). Your lease for all licenses begins with the first installation. At the end of the purchase process you will receive your download link. Install the msi on the clients that will use UBit Trello Tool. 

If you download the software you can start a seven day trial period. After that you will be opted to buy a license.

UBit Trello Tool is implemented for Microsoft Windows 10 and needs the following prerequisites:

  • Trello account
  • Trello access through the Internet
  • .NET 5 or later

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